About Us

About Us

Oxy-Dry® is a carpet and furniture cleaning system that has been around the Okanagan for more than 21 years. But more than that, Oxy-Dry® is its’ owners, Robin & Linda Roberts. We work as a team from answering your call to cleaning your carpets and furniture. Robin focuses on the cleaning aspect ensuring our customers receive the best cleaning possible. Linda primarily works in the office, but has had many opportunities to experience onsite operations.

Our family is our dogs – Sara, Dulcy and Tucker. They add lots of joy to our daily life. In the summer, you’ll find us at the dog beach on weekends and in the winter we’re throwing and chasing snowballs. Just to clarify – we’re throwing and the dogs are chasing 🙂 We also enjoy music, reading and gardening in the beautiful Okanagan summers!

carpet and furniture cleaning team

Robin and Linda Roberts, founders of the Oxy-Dry® carpet and furniture cleaning system.
Robin developed the Oxy-Dry® system in 1995 in Penticton and is continually improving it to keep it as advanced and effective as possible. Robin began carpet cleaning at the early age of 14 working with his father. Over the years, he has had the rare opportunity to use every carpet cleaning method available. After learning the pros and cons of these systems, he realized that there must be a better way! That’s when the idea of Oxy-Dry® was born!

Robin found the solution to wet carpets that resoil faster, harbour bacteria and leave carpets and furniture unhealthy for the homeowner. He developed Oxy-Dry® as an Ultra Low Moisture process leaving the carpets dry in less than an hour. He discovered and utilized the amazing benefits of ozone when injected into the cleaning water, naturally sanitizing and deodorizing without leaving an odour restoring the health of the carpet and the home. Then he added a green seal certified cleaning product to the solution as well to properly and naturally clean with no residue left behind. Combine all this with Robin’s decades of knowledge and experience in all areas of carpet and furniture cleaning and you’ve got a great cleaning system! Oxy-Dry® is the better way!

Oxy-Dry® is locally owned and operated because there is no better place to be than the Okanagan! Together we strive to offer our customers the most pleasant cleaning experience they’ve ever had… from start to finish!


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