Furniture Cleaning

Furniture Cleaning

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For fabric furniture cleaning, our Oxy-Dry® Upholstery Extraction System is used to expertly clean your fine upholstered furniture with no risk of shrinking, colour loss or fibre damage. The delicate but thorough action of the Oxy-Dry® cleaning system produces beautiful results and dries in about an hour.

Our Oxy-Dry® furniture cleaning system always includes sanitizing, deodorizing, anti allergen treatment and our plant based AFT protector.






Furniture manufacturers recommend that leather furniture be cleaned once or twice a year to preserve its beauty and keep it looking like new.  After we’ve cleaned your fine leather furniture, a careful application of a specialized lotion adds the final touch. This lotion is specifically formulated for smooth, finished leather furniture safely strengthening, preserving and nourishing fine leather. It also replaces the natural lubricants lost during normal use. It is completely wax free. It keeps leather soft and pliable, resistant to cracking and scuffing as it imparts a soft, rich lustre to the surface as well as UV protection.



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Leather Finishes
There are various types of finishes found on leather furniture in homes today and understanding the best way to clean and maintain them is essential when the home owner calls. The most common types we find include Aniline, Nubuck, Pigmented and Pull-up.


An Aniline finish is defined as a hide that has been treated with aniline dye. This dye is either an organic or inorganic dye used to impart colour to the leather and allows the grain and natural characteristics to show through.


This finish is aniline leather that has had the grain surface sanded or buffed to create a velvet like texture or nap.


Pigmented leather is an aniline leather that has had a finish and topcoat applied to the top grain side of the hide. This adds a protective coating that assists in water repellency and cleanability.


Pull-up may occur in both Aniline and Nubuck leathers. These leathers have had wax, oil or both wax and oil impregnated through the leather creating its own unique finish.

There are other finishes applied to leather that create other unique finishes, but they are less common because they are more costly and are often a special order.





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