Wall to Wall Carpet Cleaning

Wall to Wall Carpet Cleaning

wall to wall carpet cleaning and catsAs you walk through your home, you notice that your wall-to-wall carpets are looking less than their best. The traffic areas are looking a little dark. Your kids have been dropping food leaving a trail of stains. The dog had an unfortunate accident in the corner of the living room (and he was sorry when it happened 🙁 ). Your husband tracked in some mud on his shoes and, oh yes, there’s the stain from the glass of wine you spilled last night. You decide that it’s time for some carpet cleaning. Who are you going to call? Well, Oxy-Dry®, of course…the better way to clean!

Your first step to a clean home is to call or email our office to schedule an appointment. We will need to know the details of what you would like to have cleaned, and where you are located. Our staff will give you an overview of how our pricing works and offer you the next available appointment that is convenient for you.

When Oxy-Dry® arrives at your home to do the cleaning, you will meet our friendly and knowledgeable uniformed technicians. Then what happens?

First, Robin will walk through the home with you measuring the areas you would like cleaned, discussing with you any problem areas or stains and clearly explaining the costs involved. Then we will carefully bring our equipment into your home. There are no hoses attached to a vehicle with our system so all doors will remain closed while we clean, keeping the weather out and the cat in!

Next step is to begin the cleaning process.

Hoover Hushtone Commercial VacuumWe always begin our carpet cleaning process with a thorough vacuum of the carpets to be cleaned utilizing our powerful MaxVac Extractor! It will remove deep down soil and dust from the backing of the carpet.  Pre-vacuuming is an essential step. Most carpet cleaning companies will skip this step and it may result in soil being driven into the back of the carpet leading to rapid resoiling. During the vacuum extraction step, we will attend to any spots that may require pretreatment.

Now we’re ready to use our main carpet cleaning equipment with a specialized attachment – one that is specific to the carpet type and degree of soiling – to apply our proprietary, environmentally friendly and plant based solution that includes a protector for a longer lasting clean. You can read more about that here. Our equipment will first pass over the traffic and stained areas. Our ULM (Ultra Low Moisture) process gently scrubs the carpet fibres 360 degrees three times per second for a very thorough clean. Then we’ll switch to a different attachment – a specialized pad – and continue cleaning the entire carpet for a second time drawing up soils, oils and stains.

Our final step is to vacuum the carpet again with our MaxVac Extractor. This will groom and lift the carpet pile and ensure that any loose particulates are removed. Tada!! Your carpets are clean!! Carpets normally dry in about an hour, and will stay clean up to 3 times longer than other methods. We’ll give you a 30 day warranty* of our work, too.

Lastly, we will present you with our invoice stating the same price we gave you before we began (unless, of course, you’ve decided to add or subtract an area of carpet in the meantime). We will process your payment onsite accepting debit, Visa or MasterCard for your convenience and leave with you a receipt for your payment.

wall to wall carpet cleaning - pet odourThe result….
A thoroughly clean carpet that has been sanitized, deodorized and protected! Nothing but the pleasant smell of fresh air and the beautiful sight of a clean carpet is left to remind you of the most enjoyable carpet cleaning experience you’ve ever had!

*Some limitations may apply.


  1. Mark your calendar with the correct appointment date and time as discussed with our office staff.
  2. Clean up any excess food or drink spills, feces, etc.
  3. Pick up any items lying on the floor where our technicians will be cleaning.
  4. Remove ornaments and breakables from end tables, coffee tables or night stands if the furniture is being moved such as lamps, pictures, ornaments, books, etc.
  5. Turn off television sets, radios or music that may interfere with our technicians being able to communicate with you or each other.
  6. Although we love pets, they might be afraid of us or of our equipment. In consideration of them, please find a place in your home where they can be secured while we are cleaning.
  7. Make sure the driveway is clear and we can park our van reasonably close to the entrance. Sometimes we have a lot of equipment to bring into your home and some of it is quite heavy. Being able to travel the least distance from our van to your home is greatly appreciated. If you live in an apartment or condo building, please ensure we have adequate parking. In some cases, we may ask to use your parking stall while we are there due to insufficient visitor or commercial vehicle parking available. If our only option is metered parking, we will add the parking fee to your invoice.
  8. Have your payment ready upon completion of the carpet cleaning. We accept debit, Visa or MasterCard. You will receive an invoice and a receipt, if applicable.


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