Why Choose Oxy-Dry®

Why Choose Oxy-Dry®

The Oxy-Dry® process is the ideal way to clean, deodorize and sanitize carpets and furniture without the use of solvents or harsh soil attracting chemicals. Through a unique patented process, Oxy-Dry® injects ozone, a naturally occurring form of oxygen, into the cleaning solution creating “aqueous ozone.” A marker - active oxygen This “active oxygen” (03) is a natural purifier that is attracted to and destroys oil, soil and odour molecules. B marker - odour molecules

Oxy-Dry® - natural oxygen Oxy-Dry® - odour molecules Oxy-Dry® - natural oxygen

Ozone is non-allergenic, odorless (in water), environmentally friendly and 100% safe. As well, it eliminates germs, bacteria, viruses and eradicates dust mites. Conventional methods cannot match this effectiveness. In fact, other systems are known to increase the level of bacteria and germs. Steam cleaning (hot water extraction) will double it due to excessive water usage. After 20-30 minutes, the ozone evaporates out of the solution accelerating dry times and reverting back to natural oxygen. C marker - natural oxygen

For an even longer lasting clean we include “Durashield,” a state of the art anti-resoil polymer barrier. This polymer is a long lasting protector that bonds to all parts of each individual fibre thus reducing the ability for dirt, grease and other staining materials to attach themselves and become permanent. Vacuuming and spot cleaning will be easier. Carpets and furniture stay clean up to 3 times longer and are easier to clean next time. When your carpets and furniture are properly maintained, you will enjoy their beauty and comfort for years to come.


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