Why Choose Oxy-Dry®

Why Choose Oxy-Dry®


The Oxy-Dry® process is the ideal way to clean, deodorize and sanitize carpets and furniture without the use of solvents or harsh soil attracting chemicals.

Oxy-Dry® uses nanoMAXX – an environmentally friendly, plant-based, cutting-edge cleaning solution for more effective oil, soil and stain removal.

NanoMAXX is non allergenic, odourless and 100% safe. It has a small molecular size of about 20 hydrogen atoms, so it is able to more effectively penetrate hydrocarbons, oils and stains than traditional cleaners. Conventional cleaning methods cannot match this effectiveness.

NanoMAXX also contains a plant-based anti-resoil treatment called AFT to ensure a longer lasting clean.



Cl02 (chlorine dioxide) is added to our cleaning solution. It adds oxygen (aqueous oxygen) providing an odourless soft surface sanitizer, deodorizer and anti-allergen.

Chlorine dioxide is NOT a bleach and must not be confused with chlorine bleach.




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